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Yulee, Florida is the perfect community to consider for your next home as it is located directly west of Amelia Island and offers several unique advantages. The quaint community of less than 12,000 people has seen a surge in population in the past decade. This is largely due to low housing prices, the high quality of homes for sale, and the beautiful scenery and exciting recreational activities in the area. The Yulee real estate market offers several highly desirable and competitively priced properties in some of the best family-friendly neighborhoods in the state of Florida.

Nature is a big part of the appeal of living in Yulee.
To get an idea of what real estate is like it helps to take a quick look at the many local attractions and activities. Nature is a big part of Yulee’s appeal, which is why many of the area’s hotspots are located in outdoor environments. From animal conservatories, to parks, to bright, sandy beaches, residents love interacting with the scenery and often spend time in the sun, on the sand, and in the water.

Chartered fishing trips, wakeboarding and surfing, swimming, and bicycling are just a few of the many outdoor recreational opportunities. It’s also very easy to travel the short distance to Amelia Island, where a large number of parks, beaches, and other tourist attractions are located. Bird watching, eating fresh seafood at local restaurants, watersports and beach-going are just a few of the favorite activities on Amelia Island that Yulee home owners can easily enjoy.

Yulee is the perfect family-friendly community.
Yulee’s Library offers family-friendly activities year round, and the neighboring Amelia Island Museum of History provides valuable insight to the area’s past. A short drive away is the Amelia Community Theatre and the Mainstage Theatre where live shows are featured on a regular basis. There are also acting workshops and films for children, making traveling fun for the whole family.

The area’s close proximity to beaches and the Atlantic Ocean is a definite advantage of purchasing Yulee real estate, along with the low prices in the area compared to many nearby areas. Yulee houses, on average, cost under $250,000. Schools in the community include Yulee Primary, Yulee Elementary, Yulee Middle School, and Yulee High School. Nassau County also offers a rich economy fueled by tourism and industry.

Home prices are very reasonable compared to nearby areas.

This community has a lot to offer to individuals, couples, and families. If you’re looking for homes for sale in the Amelia Island area, you’ll find the price of Yulee houses fair and reasonable. You’ll be able to live near the beach without paying the high price of oceanfront property. The current Yulee real estate market is a compelling reason to move to the area as it offers a great selection of homes at competitive prices located in one of the most popular vacation spots in the United States.

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