Why is it Important to Work with a Real Estate Professional?

Why is it Important to Work with a Real Estate Professional?

It is certainly possible to sell a home without a real estate agent, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea. Plenty of good reasons drive 90% of home sellers to work with a listing agent.

There are several benefits and features that only real estate professionals can provide. Despite the innovations in the real estate industry that have made it a bit easier to sell a home online, agents are particularly primed to understand the industry and achieve the sale price a seller wants.

Why is it important to work with a real estate professional? Real estate professionals are especially beneficial for sellers seeking big results and good turn-around time in the Fernandina Beach real estate market.

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Professionals Can Help You Reach a Fair Retail Price

The retail market is not easy to reach. These are individuals and young families that are eager to buy a home to thrive and live in. They are willing to pay what is the perceived retail price on a home, which is its top assessed value and worth.

You may be able to find a fast investor on a website, like Craigslist or Trulia, but they may not be interested in actually paying what the house is worth. Agents can help sellers achieve a final sale price matching the top value of the home.

Access the MLS

Listing with a real estate agent confirms that you can utilize the MLS to get info about comparable homes (“comps”) to understand the often shifting local market and adjust your selling strategy accordingly. The MLS is a system in which virtually all real estate agents have special and exclusive access to.

The system lists detailed home data. Agents with access to it can pull comparable property listings, share results, fine-tune the data to see very specific properties, determine what homebuyers are seeking, and ultimately sell a home at the highest price possible.


Sellers want the best price for their property. The Fernandina Beach real estate market is competitive and tough to navigate, which is why you may need the special negotiating prowess of agents who know the area.

Their special knowledge of Amelia Island can benefit the negotiating process because the agent has an understanding of what the buyer is looking for. They also know how to caress the deal, promote the home, and negotiate the terms so you can sit back and wait for the check.

The Legal Process

In many ways, a professional is a legal buffer. They can make sure that the transaction is handled properly throughout the entire sale process. They can navigate potential liens, manage financial aspects from the buyer, negotiation purchase agreement terms, and facilitate a nice and seamless sale.

They are an essential tool for managing often complicated legal components in selling a home, from purchase agreements to the closing process, title insurance, lien removals, taxes, and much more.

Setting and Presenting the Value

If you want your home to sell for top value, it has to look like top value. A real estate professional can present the best features of a home to make it stand out to interested buyers. They can improve the curbside appeal, make landscape recommendations, assist with photography and more.

Agents can assist in presenting the most rewarding features of a home for staging so it glows in the marketplace. This could include simple aspects, such as removing pictures and special personal items. But, it could also involve a minor renovation to add instant market appeal.

For example, a simple low-cost adjustment to the kitchen such as repainting or cabinet refacing could result in additional home equity and help improve its value for the sale.

Hiring an Agent is a Wise Decision for Selling a Home

Hiring an agent makes sense for most homeowners – it lets them manage the other aspects of their upcoming move and their life while the important steps of marketing the home, developing a strategy to present it, and managing interested buyers are all taken care of.

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