For Sale by Owner Advice

For Sale by Owner Advice for Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach

It is an attractive feature- sell a home without a real estate broker or an agent. So why doesn’t everyone do it?

For sale by owner is a very appealing option for many sellers who want to naturally curb the broker fees off the sale of their home, which typically ranges from about 5 to 7%. This can add up to thousands of dollars. Some may think, “what better person to sell my home than myself?”

It’s a fair argument. While “for sale by owner” certainly has some perks, sellers (as well as buyers) should be aware of some conditions that go with the process and what a sale without a broker onboard truly means.

for sale by owner advice

Setting the Stage: How to Find the Right Price

Individuals opting with the for sale by owners approach want to take ownership of the sale process and they want to do the work that it requires. But they often slip up right out of the gate. Setting an appropriate price for the home is so important. Too high, and you waste weeks reaching nobody. Too low, and you lose out on possibly tens of thousands of dollars.

Our top advice here is to request an exhausting home appraisal. Consider paying for one from a top source to make sure your comparative market analysis is on point.

Agents and brokers have innumerable (and exclusive) access to comprehensive analytics. These details will provide a very accurate and timely assessment of home sales in the area, including a number of other details you may not be privy to.

All of this is to say that agent data is often more accurate. While you may be able to save by opting out of the broker process fee, you may also miss out on the possibility of getting more for your home because an agent has a more comprehensive and thorough understanding of the marketplace (and the tools to validate their listing price).

Time Saving- or Wasting?

You screen the home to potential buyers, you accept a good one, and it is all said and done. Or is it?

Rarely is the home buying and selling process so streamlined. One of the biggest points of advice in for sale by owner is time management. You can spend countless hours screening scams, agent requests, curious (but ultimately, cursory) buyers, and much more. You also have to put some time into showing the house, screening questions in-person and by email, and generally being available.

Selling a home can be a full-time job, and will certainly require a commitment. The top advice we can offer here is to make room for this transition on a purely day-to-day level.

Working Through the Sale

Some people are just not natural sales professionals, and that’s okay. But getting the appropriate price on a home will require a little sales experience and understanding, and this can be tricky to navigate. If you say too much, you run the risk of painting an incorrect picture. Share too little, and you open the door for lawsuits, sale backing down, inspections, and more.

Be transparent about the home while focusing on its finest features. Be careful about disclosing too much, but also be wary of disclosing too little. It’s a delicate balance, and one you may find a little cumbersome early on.

The idea of going solo on a home sale is a wonderful one! But we highly recommend you take account of all the obstacles you may face in this process, including a lack of sales experience, time pressures, fraudulent behavior, and price setting, among many others. You may get experience by looking at the various Fernandina Beach homes for sale and taking note of the price and how the owners are selling their specific home.

If you work with us, you can avoid heavy lifting. We set the right price out of the gate and follow it right through to the final signing on the dotted line. While we strongly admire anyone who wants to go in the direction of for sale by owner, we also understand what that route entails and how time-consuming it can be. Contact us for details about our current homes and properties for sale in Nassau County, Florida.