What Is It Like Living at Fernandina Beach?

What’s It Like to Live at Fernandina Beach?

If you’re thinking about purchasing Fernandina Beach real estate on Amelia Island, you might be wondering what it’s actually like to live in the area. Fernandina Beach is a laid back and gorgeous historic island community that has been around in one form or another for hundreds of years. With great weather and plenty of outdoor attractions to keep you busy, word is getting out about Fernandina Beach Realty. The charm and friendliness of the locals, family activities, and incredible native wildlife and scenery isn’t easily matched by other cities.

It’s a remarkable and unique community full of mystique and plenty of historical intrigues. The downtown area is loaded with historic sites that you could spend years learning about and exploring. Consider real estate in Fernandina Beach if you’re seeking an idyllic, vibrant, and attraction-filled island community to raise a family or settle down in.

If you’re thinking about purchasing Fernandina Beach real estate on Amelia Island, you might be wondering what it’s actually like to live in the area.

Rated as a “Top 10 Best Little Beach Town”

Fernandina Beach has been rated by Coastal Living in the Top 10 in their “Best Little Beach Town” rankings for plenty of convincing reasons. Locals are friendly and welcoming to new guests; frequent community events invite travelers from all over the world and people from all ethnicities and backgrounds to unite and celebrate together. The downtown Fernandina Beach area acts as a sort of headquarters for events such as live music, farmers’ markets, historic tours, parades, races, sports competitions, charity events, and others.

Centuries ago, Fernandina Beach used to be a pirating and smuggling center but now it’s quite the opposite! Crime is low here – the community receives an “A-“ rating from AreaVibes which compares crime statistics to national and state averages.

The city also received an impressive 8/10 rating from GreatSchools.org – one of the top education rating systems, based on test results and other available data, with several schools having 7/10 or higher rankings.

Cost of living in Fernandina Beach

The cost of living in Fernandina Beach is considered to be higher than the national average. Housing, in particular, is one of the higher costs as rated by AreaVibes and other costs of living calculators; there is often a limited Fernandina Beach real estate inventory compared to demand.

However, the cost for most other necessities such as goods and services, groceries, and transportation is virtually equal with the rest of Florida. High housing costs also indicate that the Fernandina Beach real estate market is strong and thriving and that an investment is safe due to the demand here.

Thinking of buying real estate in Fernandina Beach?

Fernandina Beach is an excellent community for families, golf and outdoor sports enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, couples looking to settle down, retirees and snowbirds. The locals here are committed to sustainability, hard work, simple hospitality and service with a smile.

As many locals will tell you, you really can’t go wrong with purchasing Fernandina Beach real estate, especially at a time when home values are starting to rise once again. As of May 2017, Zillow estimates that Fernandina Beach home values have increased an average of 7.0% within the past year and are expected to rise at least 3.2% within the next year.

To see what life is like really here, your best bet is to book a vacation rental for an extended time and immerse yourself in the local culture and events for a while. You may fall in love with the island as many others have and decide that it’s time to purchase one of the beautiful modern or historic Fernandina Beach real estate options that are currently available!