Top Residential Painters in the Area and Why it's Worth it to Hire a Professional

Top Residential Painters in the Fernandina Beach Area and Why it’s Worth it to Hire a Professional

With the right set of tools and unlimited time, you can paint your home and make it beautiful.

But these are two really important things to have. No everyone has the tools (and the matching know-how) to make it happen. Even fewer have the spare hours and weeks to spare.

Consider hiring a professional painter. We cover the best residential painters in Nassau County, how you should hire one, why doing so is one of the smartest home maintenance decisions you can make.

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The Top Residential Painters of Fernandina Beach

You are hardly short of places to choose from when it comes to a residential painter. The community of Fernandina Beach has some stellar experts. We compile some of the best, but this is by no means a complete and comprehensive list.

Hall’s Quality Painting

Hall’s has a master team and always, no matter the situation, provides free estimates. Get quality local work at a nice local price.

Keystone Paint and Maintenance

This small operation has the tools and the entry-level price to get the job done. The team can also help with other maintenance needs or refer you to a quality local resource.

Ace Painting

Ace Painting is an extensive team of experts who practice in both commercial and residential painting. They also understand the special considerations required for beach care and maintenance.

Each of the above providers really understands the community, including what you are allowed to do and where. You get top-of-the-line service from locals who sincerely want to make your home glow.

How to Hire a Professional House Painter

So how do you hire a professional house painter? In this day and age, you definitely have to look at reviews. Top websites for reviews include Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Manta. You should also review the Better Business Bureau. The website lets you review business details which are made available as well as professional and authenticated reviews. Typically, reviews are screened and are of a higher average quality than more general-commercial websites.

A professional painter should never charge you for a visit. It is their job to review the property and to see how they can help and at what cost. You always want to be extremely wary of any painter who requests a visiting fee or charges for a quote. This is a shady practice and a quick red flag.

We cover the best residential painters in Nassau County, how you should hire one, why doing so is one of the smartest home maintenance decisions you can make.

Is it Really Worth it to Hire a Professional?

There are three extremely quick and fantastic benefits to hiring a professional painter. Even if you are the best painter in the world, it is hard to not see the clear advantages here.

Time and Speed

Professionals can work on a specific timetable and they can work fast. The honest truth is that many homeowners just don’t have the time to dedicate to the project. It requires more than an afternoon and one application. You need to time out when it dries. For exterior projects, you need to account for rain and other obstacles. Many homeowners only have the weekend. If one thing goes awry, the project is off track.


Need to paint the vaulted ceilings? Are the walls a little too high for comfort? Let’s not even discuss the exterior. The bottom line is that by hiring a professional, you avoid any major catastrophe. You will be in no danger if you hire a professional. For some, this is the only benefit needed.

Secured Work

If you make a mistake, who do you call? You call a professional painter (or you put up a case with your insurance). Either way, any DIY painting project is unsecured. With a professional team, you get work that is guaranteed, insured, and secured. You aren’t just “winning” it. You get a team who has the right tools to get the job done, and who can do it to an exceptional degree.

At the end of the day, you get better work, you save time, and you keep yourself out of harm’s way. Hiring a professional painter is the only way to go if your project is anything more than a flat wall a few feet off the ground. Even then, we recommend an expert to make it smooth and seamless.