Tips to Boost Home's Selling Value

Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Selling Value

So you want to learn all the ways to boost your home’s selling value. Your home can be the key to an even better future. Get the most out of it through renovations, adjustments, and some quick and helpful strategies of home design.

Below is a brief overview of the five top tips to increase your home’s value today.

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Structural Changes in the Bathroom or Kitchen

Structural changes, such as the addition of a room, are often some of the most challenging ways to boost your home’s value. But there’s no ignoring that, on paper, these major home improvements bring the most value. The bathroom and the kitchen are your big money-makers. Consider focusing a major portion of your attention on revamping and redesigning a single space. The impression made will be big. If you don’t have the funds for a total renovation across-the-board, emphasize a total renovation in one space.

A Single Big Bathroom Upgrade

You don’t need to renovate the entire room. For example, the addition of a new vanity or the replacement of the old plumbing in the bathroom can help support that “new bathroom” argument. Add subtle light fixtures to improve lighting or adopt one new idea, such as a sit-down seat in the shower, a tile walk-in shower room, or a new kitchen sink.

Get Rid of the Carpet

Removing carpet is a sure and virtually instant way to add some quick value. The overwhelming trend for renters and new home buyers is to take hardwood or tile over carpeting. Carpeting, even the best kind, tends to look worn and overused quickly. New innovations in hardwood flooring have made some homes more environmentally-friendly and economical. Bamboo, for example, is environmentally-sound, easy to maintain, and quite popular. It is a wonderful selling point and a great method to increase the value of your home appraisal. Carpeting’s dated, dirty, and non-economical features keep turning people away.

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Repair Anything That Doesn’t Work

While repairs can be costly, ignoring them can be a big black mark on any potential sale. If you don’t have the funds to prioritize a big renovation or improvement, make sure to take the time to fix plumbing issues, a bad washer and dryer, inconsistent electrical, broken sinks, etc. You may be tempted to ignore it, but it may have an unbalanced effect on your appraisal, often “damaging” it more than what the cost of the repair is.


Does landscaping increase a home’s value? If you want to know how to increase home value, all you need to do is add some foliage, plant a tree, and improve the layout of the landscape. Landscaping is one of the most significant ways to boost a home’s value. Gardens, big trees, colorful flowers, and more create an instant level of comfort and coziness to space. It leaves a wonderful first impression when potential buyers pull up to the driveway.

Smart planting can be a selling point too. Plant seasonal and low-maintenance flowers to add some easy color. Plant a tree for some texture, but don’t forget the selling points. Tree shade has the potential to reduce cooling costs by 40% while also adding a home for some welcoming wildlife, such as birds.

We can compile a list of hundreds of possible things to do, ranging from completely free to expansive and epic. Find the inspiration you need to bring new value and vitality to your home. Go get the highest buying offer you can with a team that knows what people want from a home. Contact us for more details or if you need help finding the perfect home for sale.