Make Moving Day Easier With These Tips

Tips to Help Moving Day Be Easier

Moving day can be nothing short of stressful. Whether you are buying your first home or upsizing to something bigger, moving day makes for a lot of hard work. But don’t worry – there are ways to make things flow more smoothly. Here are some easy moving tips that could make your day a lot less hectic.

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Create a Schedule

Your day itself should be scheduled in advance, but having an actual timetable for moving preparations is important. Why? You can plan how you are going to sort and pack your home, room by room. This gives you time to figure out what you’re keeping, what you want to donate, and what is going in the garbage bin. This will make the workflow lighter the closer you get to moving day.

Why People Buy Pizza on Moving Day

It’s no secret that making time to eat on a moving day is tough. That is why many people opt for fast food. Since you’ll likely have several people involved in the move, consider getting pizza, as it is one of the easiest meals for move day. Moving and meals don’t have to be a hassle, and it is important to keep your energy up throughout the day.

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Separate Your Fragile Items

While you’re busy packing for your move to oceanfront real estate on Amelia Island, keep your fragile items marked in ‘fragile’ boxes. Also, keep them off the moving truck if possible. Trucks aren’t the safest places for fragile items, and they could get damaged in the process. You might also want to keep your important documents with you, too.

Take Pictures of Your Furniture

Still thinking about how to make your moving day easier? Take pictures of your furniture as you are breaking the pieces down. Certain pieces of furniture, such as baby cribs and entertainment centers, can be difficult to put back together without instructions or good visuals. That eats up a ton of time and energy. Snap some shots as you disassemble, and don’t forget to take pictures of your electronics that have a lot of cords and connections!

Plan a Break

Allow yourself a planned break in between loading and unloading. Consider the fun things to do in Fernandina Beach. If you have kids, take them for some ice cream and a walk on the beach. Spend a little bit of time digging your toes into the sand before getting back to work. This can physically and mentally prepare you for the tasks you have left to accomplish.

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Skip the Bubble Wrap

Sure, it is fun to play with, but bubble wrap is better for shipping items than for packing them.  It is not as heavy-duty as a towel or blanket. Also, bubble wrap can get expensive. Just think of how many boxes of linens you can eliminate from packing! Save yourself some money and save your valuables with some well-wrapped towels and blankets. 

Plan the Transfer of Address and Services

Jot down a list of everything you will need to transfer, from registering your new address at the DMV to having your Internet provider transfer service. Scheduling everything you need to transfer in advance will alleviate stress on moving day. This will give you time to head out and enjoy some beautiful Amelia Island beaches.

Don’t stress about your upcoming move. If you have planned enough ahead and have the right moving materials, your big day will not feel overwhelming. Just don’t forget to enjoy a slice (or three) of pizza and a few peaceful moments burying your toes in the sand. Before you know it, you will be feeling right at home in your new place.