Home Improvements For the Pros

These Particular Home Improvement Projects Should Be Left to the Pros

DIY home improvement is a great option. When you get right down to it, you can save thousands of dollars and learn a whole lot about taking care of a home.

The important word here is “can.” You “can” have an amazing experience. You also can have a disaster.

Some projects are simply not conducive to a DIY effort. Due to the complexity of the project, the scale, the numerous professionals in the market, and other variables, not every project makes for a worthwhile DIYer.

Below we cover five particular home improvement projects that may give you a little more than you bargained for. Consider hiring a professional and make your life a whole lot easier, with fewer headaches, less stress, and more intact walls.

Bathroom remodel in Fernandina Beach

Bathroom Repairs

Home improvement ideas on Amelia Island, vary from the simple to the challenging. Bathroom repairs should not be one of them.

We include all bathroom repairs here, but it doesn’t have to be all of them. Simple painting projects are okay. But the bathroom has a lot of special moving parts and components you don’t want to mess with, including the precious plumbing. Any error in this area could result in a catastrophe. Furthermore, the bathroom is a big money area and is one of the more desirable areas to get right for improving home value. Custom showers, a new sink, and more are all professionals-only.

Outdoor Irrigation

Outdoor irrigation should not be handled independently no matter how ambitious you want to get. Outdoor irrigation has to meet certain legal local code standards, which is a challenge unto its own. Secondly, its complex involves digging and requires structural knowledge of the home under the ground.

Trying to do it on your own can be quite a mess. Hire a professional to nail this complex and big project.

Painting the Kitchen

So you saw a YouTube video and feel good about your painting technique?

You should! Painting isn’t all that hard and makes a great DIY project.

Unfortunately, you can’t apply that to every part of the home. This is definitely the case for the kitchen cabinets.

Why? On a practical level, Cabinets don’t often have nice and smooth surfaces. They have cracks and divots that make a clean painting cumbersome. Secondly, kitchen cabinets get dirty with oil grease and other stains. Painting over this (without a proper clean) will leave immortal marks and mars.

Remove the Walls

Grab a giant hammer and go swinging! This is the wrong kind of advice for removing a wall or two. Despite your interest in taking a sledgehammer to the wall, removing a wall isn’t easy. It seems so simple. Just clear it out and get on with it. But there’s insulation, nails, possibly flying debris, and other issues to contend with. Perhaps the most damaging thing to consider is the possibility that the ceiling could collapse. You need to make sure the wall isn’t load-bearing. This means that it is integral to holding up the ceiling. It is entirely possible that the removal of the wall could result in a catastrophic ceiling collapse resulting in more-than-minor repairs.

Electrician fixing wiring in a wall


You may be savvy enough to handle a lightbulb change or the replacement of a socket cover. So are we! But anything beyond that, and we recommend you call a professional. Electrical is tricky. Not only is it tricky, but it is dangerous. A single mistake could have serious repercussions.

You could make easy and simple mistakes, such as overloading the power. This results in a popped breaker, slowing the project down. You could also shock yourself or spark an outlet, leading to a possible fire.

Even if you complete the project without setting yourself or a friend on fire, you run the risk of poor electrical. This could cause a major issue down the line.

We love DIY projects, but not everything can be done with a few videos a lot of enthusiasm. Work with local Amelia Island contractors and do it right. Your home will be a lot happier for it! Looking to move to Fernandina Beach? Contact us for more on Amelia Island real estate and the current homes for sale.