Simmons Trail Project

Simmons Trail Project

For island visitors who aren’t regularly kept up to date with Amelia Island news, the Simmons Trail Project may have slipped under the radar. But plans for the construction of this significant multi-use trail have been in motion since 2016, with aims to complete it by 2018.

This is a trail that aims to add another valuable route to existing Amelia Island bike trails, but it’s also one that could very positively impact vehicular travel, residents, and vacationers.

If you’re planning to vacation in Amelia Island in the near future, it’s worth checking out what’s in store to see how the Simmons Trail could be beneficial to you.

Simmons Bike Trail Amelia Island

Below you can find some helpful info about the project, its local impact, and tips for exploring it:

What is it?

The Amelia River to Sea Trail, otherwise known as the Simmons Trail, is a multi-purpose route connecting the east side of the island to the west, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Inter-Coastal Waterway.

It will comprise of two separate trail sections; one part connecting Great River Park to Main Street, and the other part connecting Silver Lane at Simmons Road to the existing trail at Forbes Street.

At 2.1 miles long, the paved multi-use path will be up to 10ft wide. Many Amelia Island open house events have recently been held to encourage locals to review plans, ask questions and voice their own opinions, ensuring the whole community accepts and remains a part of the project. Construction of the route is planned to start in 2017, with the finished trail debuting in 2018.

How will the Simmons Trail be useful?

Its central location means the multi-purpose Simmons Trail will offer an effective link between the east and west points of the island. This is particularly beneficial for pedestrians and cyclists. By reducing the amount of vehicle travel and overall speed on the island, the safety of those on foot stands to increase.

It will also make it much easier to get from place to place, as the route will connect residential properties to an abundance of Amelia Island hotspots, popular retail sites, and activities.

You’ll be footsteps away from local dining facilities, beautiful sandy Amelia Island beaches and many recreational services, such as the Ybor Alvarez Sports Complex and Crane Island entrance. Local commuters who don’t own automobiles can also reap the benefits, with safe lanes offering fantastic links to get from A to B.

Thinking of exploring the trail?

If you’re thinking of exploring the Simmons Trail, you only need to bring yourself, a sense of adventure and potentially a bike – if cycling is your thing. What’s more, there are many bike rental stores dotted around the island to save the hassle of bringing your own.

You’ll be fitted with true-to-size safety gear and first-rate equipment to ensure you have the most comfortable and enjoyable cycling experience possible.

If you prefer to explore by foot, that’s equally as accepted – if not slightly easier. You’re then free to roam the island’s opportunities and attractions without having to worry about extra gear.

Stay tuned to the latest Amelia Island news for more information about the Simmons Trail Project as it reaches its launch date!

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