Post Irma Cleanup and News on Amelia Island

Following Hurricane Irma, Amelia Island real estate, buildings and other structures remain standing strong, with damage being quite dramatically lower than what most believed. Local Amelia Island news sources have reported that life is back to normal by now for most, although the night that the hurricane hit was quite a long one for those who didn’t evacuate. The recovery and cleanup effort was vast and prompt following the hurricane, with the area already having experience with preparation and recovery following Hurricane Matthew last year.

Substantial winds reached Northern Florida

While Northern Florida and Amelia Island were dealing with Hurricane Irma, the southern part of the state was just starting to assess the damages. Substantial winds reached parts of Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and North Florida, with gusts of up to 90 miles per hour.

As the hurricane moved north, power was knocked out for millions of households throughout Florida, and Amelia Island was no exception. Storm surge warnings were in effect for the entire region, and over 6 million people were ordered to evacuate, including Amelia Island residents.

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Amelia Island stood strong

Amelia Island withstood the force of the storm, which had weakened to Category 1 by the time it had reached the area. Peak wind guests were strong enough to knock down several trees throughout the island. Storm surge was significant enough to cause concerns about flooding and to advise residents to exercise caution near flood-prone areas.

The biggest nuisance was the extensive debris that blocked roads, however the community banded together for a rapid and efficient cleanup process. Fallen trees knocked out power to many of the island’s residents, but power was restored to most within a few days.

Outside of these few inconveniences, the total damage assessment for the island’s structures and real estate will likely turn out to be minimal once the full numbers come in.

The preparation for the storm and the response were more efficient and focused than ever, as Amelia Island has learned from the hurricanes of the past. Although many residents still believed Irma to be significantly worse than Matthew, the minimal structural damage allowed most services and schools to resume very quickly after the storm passed through.

Some cleanup has continued into October, but hotels and vacation rentals have been welcoming travelers from all over who are enjoying some of the best rates of the entire year.

Amelia Island offers some excellent deals at the moment

Although damage was quite minimal on Amelia Island, there remain a variety of excellent deals on Amelia Island vacation rentals as well as real estate. The area’s golf courses and other outdoor attractions have long been reopened for business, and the island continues to welcome visitors, travelers, and vacationers who are escaping the cooling weather in the rest of the country.

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