Tips to Take the Best Photos

How to Sell Your House: 6 Tips to Take the Best Photos

You did everything you could, now it is just time to take the photographs and get your property up there. So what do you need to know to learn how to take great photos of your house when selling? Despite what some may say, it isn’t extremely hard. It just takes avoiding some big mistakes and looking at your options to get the most out of an image. Below we cover five ways to learn how to take pictures for real estate listings.

professional real estate photography

1. Avoid Anything Extra

Cut out the fat. Don’t leave something awkwardly on the table. Consider the house in prime cleaning condition. It should be a no-brainer, and we all know this, but it is a nice reminder to make sure you trim the image of anything not needed. Clear out the clutter, push in the chairs, and present the best version of your home so it fits in with the best Amelia Island homes for sale.

2. Don’t Photograph the Ceiling

The bottom line is that if you are trying to capture the best look of a room, the ceiling can’t be in it. Who wants to see the ceiling anyway? It’s often unsightly, encloses the space too much, and isn’t a high selling point anyway. When applying tips on how to take professional photos of your house, avoid this very easily avoidable mistake.

3. Look at Your Settings

So much of landing a great photograph is in placement, lighting, framing, and all the many devices you have at your disposal. But a quick setting tweak can actually really help you out and accentuate certain parts of a photograph.

Definitely take a double-look at your real estate photography camera settings. This could include the contrast, which can allow the lights to really pop against the dark spots. How to take real estate photos with iPhone may vary from a professional camera, and that’s okay. Even an iPhone has helpful settings features, like contrast, lighting, cropping, adjustable depth of field, and so on.

4. Play with Vertical and Horizontal

A typical school of thought is to make every image either vertical or horizontal for the sake of consistency. We disagree. We think you should choose the best option for the image. Whatever the room requires is what you should use. This is especially important when you discover more on how to photograph house interiors. Some rooms are complemented by the verticality, such as a vaulted ceiling. Others benefit from a wide outlook. Further, some rooms look stretched horizontally and others you want to downplay the small size (horizontal may not help in these situations). Try and play with vertical and horizontal photography.

5. Add a Little Outside Touch

Don’t be afraid to scale out. Add a picture of the community. Display the featured areas of Nassau County. A small touch of the neighborhood front gate or an attraction is a perfectly fine little addition!

Some photographers may add these extra images to add character and charm to the whole community. While it isn’t selling the house directly, it is selling the community- and that’s just as important.

back yard shot for selling house

6. Don’t Just Photograph Rooms From the Same Angle

In regards to interior photographs, don’t solely focus on single shots of a room. Try to be creative. For example, you can focus in close in some areas. You could dial-in on a single feature to display character or take a photo from a low angle, a nice approach for a child’s room.

These strategies will help you get on your way! When you understand how to take pictures to sell your house, you can really capture the imagination of a possible buyer. Apply these techniques, and more, to maximize the potential sale of any Fernandina Beach Realty featured properties. It truly does work for any home- add some enticing touches and you are well on your way!