A Good School District

New Parents Looking for a Good School District Near Fernandina Beach

If you rank all the many things you are looking for before you move to a new city, there’s a solid chance that the school district ranks up at the top. If you are new parents, it may be the number one consideration.

So what makes a good school district? What do you look out for as you explore the area’s various schools?

School districts and the schools they contain can vary tremendously as you explore northeast Florida, from all the many different schools throughout Jacksonville to the quiet shores of Amelia Island, St. Augustine, Palatka, and more.

The Fernandina Beach school district is one of the highest-performing in the whole state. With its high ranking across the board, deep community support, and prosperous programs, you are certain to find a school your children can thrive in.

Parked school buses

Community Education

We first want to look over the current education level of the community. Fortunately, Fernandina Beach is well educated. According to Towncharts.com, Fernandina Beach boasts a high school dropout rate about half of the national average and a bachelor’s degree rate about 1/3 higher than the national average.

When you break these numbers down, you find that you have about 40% of everyone in the community educated with a bachelor’s degree or higher. Another 28.9% has some college education, leaving about a quarter with just a high school education and only a small fraction (5%) with less than a high school degree (1).

Nassau County

Fernandina Beach is part of the Nassau County School District. According to data gathered from reputable education resource Niche.com, Nassau County has a B+ grade. Niche looks at a variety of different categories, breaking a school district down by:

  • Academics
  • Teachers
  • Clubs
  • Diversity
  • College Prep
  • Health and Safety
  • Administration
  • Sports
  • Food
  • Facilities

Your overall rating will depend on how high you prioritize these various features. The Nassau County School District is rated the highest grade, an A, for health and safety. This reflects on the district’s incredible streak of safety and health support.

Niche also rates teachers an A-. The scores are B to B+ for just about all other categories, giving Nassau County School District an above-average rating overall compared to both the national average and Florida average.

According to the popular site, Nassau County School District has 11,546 students in grades PK, as well as K-12 (2). It’s a moderately-small district encompassing Fernandina Beach. The district does include Yulee just to the west, as well as smaller towns like Baldwin in the southwest and Hilliard in the northwest.

Things to Look For

Outside of some basic facts and ratings, how do you determine if a school district is good or not? There are many different factors to look at and rarely is it cut and dry. We cover our top four things to keep an eye out for as you do online research.

    • Teacher Salaries: You want to make sure the teachers teaching your children are properly compensated to your expectation. While this isn’t a massive deal, it is certainly something to look at. Teacher pay is important and helps to add to a healthy community. Teacher salaries are available online.
    • Teacher to Student Ratio: A good ratio will allow your student to get extra personal care. Nassau County School District has a student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1.
    • Technology: Ask about technological resources. If your student will have many technological perks, it is a good sign that the district is well-funded and the community is willing to support its educational sector.
    • Look at Reviews: One review does not mean a lot. 50 does. Look for patterns in perception. It will really help you decide if the feelings towards a district are warm once professionals leave.

There is a lot to look into, from the variety of clubs available to the financial stability and governmental support for the district. We can help provide some insight into Fernandina Beach and its school system. Contact us for information on all aspects of Amelia Island as we guide you through our available Fernandina Beach homes for sale. Start a new future in a healthy community.