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Increase Your Home Value on Any Budget

Looking to beef up your home’s value? Regardless of whether your budget is super tight or fairly expansive, there are ways that you can add value without going all-out on renovations and décor. While your realtor might come over and assess your home as a courtesy, consulting with an interior designer will likely result in a fee.

Before you leap into spending heaps of money on a designer, take these three simple tips into consideration that can help you boost your home value.

Add Low-Maintenance Landscaping Features

Small landscaping project, adding flowers to yard

The first thing that will likely catch a potential buyer’s eye is your front yard. Spruce (mind the pun) up your lawn with some native plants or those that can withstand drought. This is especially important for those living in warmer climates. The plants you buy should reflect the area you live in and be easy to maintain, which is why purchasing native and drought-tolerant plants is crucial. You will save time and money on maintaining your lovely landscaping.

Also, clean up the rest of your yard. If a potential buyer comes by and sees that your lawn has oversized shrubs that haven’t been tended in months or a lot of patchy spots on the lawn, they might think twice about putting in an offer. Invest in hiring a lawn care company to come in and do the work for you, especially if you do not have the time or physical capability to tend to your lawn. This can be a smarter approach to selling your home.

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Homes and properties for sale do not always have the freshest air quality. Let’s be honest, we all let our carpets soak up allergens and other debris. That carpet you’ve had for a decade or two? It probably needs to go. You can get your indoor air quality tested by a professional. Still, chances are that if you have carpet, your air quality is suffering.

More people are going back to hardwood floors because of this, but you can also go for eco-friendly options like laminate or tile surfaces. Any hard-surface floor is going to be much easier to clean than carpet, and also does not trap funky odors.

Since the trend right now is toward hard-surface floors, buyers are going to find them more attractive. They give homes a cleaner, fresher, and all-around more contemporary look in addition to improving the home’s air quality.

Make Minor Upgrades in Your Bathroom

If you are anything like the average homeowner, you probably do not give much thought as to how your bathroom looks compared to the rest of the house. Your bathroom is kind of a private sanctuary, or, if you have kids, probably a disaster area.

But when you are preparing to sell a home, a bathroom refresh (versus a full-on remodel, which can get pricey) can go a long way in attracting attention from potential buyers. 

Bathroom refresh

Look at the walls, for starters. How long has that wallpaper been up there? Are there stains you can’t get to come off that stick out like a sore thumb on that white paint? Do something simple to rectify these blemishes and go for a textured or faux wall finish. 

While you’re at it, consider updating the lighting fixtures. Find a new but inexpensive lighting fixture to give your bathroom more light and a more contemporary feel. Remember, whoever you sell your house to, this is going to be their private sanctuary, not yours. In fact, think of your whole home that way while you are gearing up to sell it.

Utilizing just these three home selling tips can boost the value of your home. They do not take thousands of dollars or that much of your time. Start planning for your upgrades before you list your home and be sure that you consult with a realtor before jumping into any major renovations. Taking it just a step at a time can help you sell your home faster when the time comes.