Important Things to Know When Staging Your Home

Important Things to Know When Staging Your Home

If you want to sell a home, you have to commit to the classic art of staging.

Staging comes in many shapes and forms, but the basic idea is the same whether your home is a mansion on the water or a cottage in a field. Staging a home means getting it presentation-ready. You want to set the furniture, clean up, and get it ready for review by aspiring buyers.

So what are some of the most important things you should know when staging your home? Below is our quick guide to getting it right and saving you time when you add your home to the Nassau County real estate.

Staging a home means getting it presentation-ready. Here is a quick guide to getting it right and saving you time when you are selling your home.

Remove Personal Belongings

Amelia Island homes for sale which are too personalized can actually hurt your sale. You end up adding a level of intimacy that could be uncomfortable for some. While decorative accents and other additions are nice, wedding photographs are not. It might be easier to declutter when you retire or become an empty nester.

How to Use Furniture

Furniture is a fantastic asset you can use to harness the greatest potential from your home. A big and ugly piece of furniture could really act as a huge eyesore. If your furniture isn’t up to par, you could consider renting furniture. It is a nice and simple way to improve the home for staging. You may not want to buy new furniture for the sole purpose of landing a sale. But if you do, it could certainly be added to the value of the home. This is a nice perk that may land you a much better offer, far more than the cost of the couch.

Of course, staging an empty house doesn’t require any kind of furniture maintenance. It does, however, force you to lean heavily on everything else.

The Art of Photography

You should not skimp when it comes to home staging photos. This is your first impression. Make it count! Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture the best images of your home. Take the extra time to remove things off the floor, hide the mop bucket, and present it in a picture-perfect way. This extra effort will really set the right tone when visitors finally come through the door.

The home staging cost can vary from nothing to thousands.

The Cost of Home Staging

The home staging cost can vary from nothing to thousands. It is really about what you want. It is important to remember that professional home staging companies will likely want to do a lot. If your staging requires more than some basic changes, it’s a worthwhile option. Otherwise, you may be getting quite involved down the rabbit hole of home staging.

Differences When Staging a Home for Quick Sale

All of the above assumes that you want to make the home as utterly appealing and pretty as possible. But this is not necessarily the case when it comes to a quick sale. While there’s a lot to unpack here, quick sale buyers are a bit different from your regular retail buyers. In other words, if you want a quick sale, you may be appealing to a different type of buyer. This is perhaps a buyer who has cash, can settle quickly, and wants the home as an investment. The cleanliness is not a big deal. The cosmetic part is minor. In general, these buyers are looking for different things. Consider this if you are looking to attract an investment buyer who can close quickly.

We recommend reviewing the homes and properties for sale in Nassau County, Florida to get ideas for staging. Look at the photographs of the featured properties. See what they are doing and improve on what you see. Fernandina Beach homes for sale provide a really good window into how to sell a home effectively.