How to Increase the Value of a Coastal Home

How to Increase the Value of a Coastal Home

If you own coastal Fernandina Beach real estate, you’ve probably wondered about the resale value of your home and property at some point and how to increase it. While there are some projects and renovations that certainly come to mind — such as a bathroom makeover with a view of the ocean or a kitchen remodel with a stunning wall of windows — small changes can also make a big difference.

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Whether you are updating, renovating, or investing there are many ways to add to your property in order to increase the value of a coastal home. From big to small, here are a few home improvement tips that can increase your home’s value and preserve that coastal living feel of your house as well.

1. Landscaping

Looking for an improvement that offers lots of value for just a small investment? Think about changing the landscaping of your back and/or front yards, including adding new decks and porches, patios, updating or remodeling your pool area if you have one, adding a screened porch, or installing a functional open-air fireplace. You can also start small and opt for simple plant landscaping and bring in native plants, shrubs, and trees, or hire a professional landscaper and go for a whole yard makeover. Whatever you choose to do, it’s a great way to get your home ready to sell on the Fernandina Beach real estate market while adding a big visual investment to your home.

2. Interior Design

Another great way to improve your home’s value is to completely redo the décor of your house. Hiring an interior designer is one way to accomplish this, but you can also do it yourself with fresh paint, new furniture, coastal living décor like seashells or a boat motif throughout the house. Homes for sale on the coast can also benefit from kitchen and bathroom projects like new paint, installing new countertops and backsplashes, new hardware for cabinets, and even updating appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

3. Central Air-Conditioning

Being able to let in those lovely ocean breezes to your home is great, but having a central air-conditioning system in your house is an excellent way to not only add value to your property but also keep up with the competition in your neighborhood. In very hot and humid climates, having central air-conditioning is almost a must, so if you don’t already have one in your home think about having one installed to edge out the other homes for sale in your area.

4. Exterior Face-lift

Giving the front of your home a fresh new look will add a lot of value in the long run. Whether you’re selling your home and wanting to put it on the market soon or simply looking to add value to your home, installing new weather-resistant siding can add a lot to the look of your house and property. Changing the look of your front porch is an added visual appeal for buyers, and can be as simple as adding new décor or more substantial like installing new steps and sidewalks or adding columns to your porch. These home improvement tips for the outside of your home can make a difference in selling your home and also increasing the value of your home.

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