Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

If you plan on buying a home soon, you are opening up a whole new door of possibilities. You will soon be joining the millions of Americans making their recently-bought home their very own- personal, intimate, and a clear expression of everything they love and treasure.

Home renovation is your path to a personal space that feels like, well, you. Unfortunately, there are some disastrous mistakes often made along the way to a big home renovation. Some are small and might set you back. Others may just cancel the renovation entirely.

Below are five key mistakes to avoid when taking home renovation steps after buying a new home.

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Not Having a Clear Budget

One of the biggest mistakes involves the one unavoidable factor of home renovation- money. Some people don’t have any budget at all or too loose of one.

This might result in a poor decision on something because you don’t have a clear budgetary constraint. You might choose a total cabinet replacement that is too overpriced or add an extra three feet off a wall forgetting that it could cost an additional $5,000.

It helps to a clear budget. It determines the scope of the project and makes it a lot easier to avoid spending more than you expect.

This is not to say that you can’t have a little wiggle room. In reality, you should have a bit extra above your budget to account for any overages. There may be something that you weren’t privy to. A contractor cancels at the last minute, requiring you to get someone else to finish the job, or perhaps you tear down the walls only to find massive electrical issues.

Ignoring the Power of “Small Cosmetic Changes”

Home renovation does not have to be massive. You don’t need to empty a room or rip out the walls. You can actually commit to a few small cosmetic changes that have a huge impact on the home.
This may include new light fixtures, a new paint color, or a fresh floor finish. These things can really improve the home without blowing the budget wide open.

These small projects sometimes take just a weekend and a few hundred dollars or less, but you might be amazed at how different and fresh it can make your home look and feel.

Buying Décor Without Planning for It

You may find a few excellent items at the antique shop only to get home and realize they don’t really fit. Sometimes, this is cosmetic; other times it’s literal. Regardless, one of the biggest home renovation mistakes is to just “wing it” when buying new décor.

Where will the furniture go? What size will it be and what will match the current setup we have?

Mistakes could be as simple as a rug that is too small underneath the furniture or a mirror that doesn’t fit where you intended. Mentally organize everything, think about the look and aesthetics that you want, and draw a quick sketch of the room with measurements.

Not Respecting the Basic Structure and Tone of the Home

Do you have a colorful Parisian-like interior or is it more like a rustic cabin in the mountains? Minimalistic kitchen décor and bright white won’t fit with a rustic aesthetic.

One of the biggest mistakes is to create rooms with clashing designs that break the overall pattern of your home. Try to plan out a comprehensive design theme for your home. This way you retain the overall tone and you add elements that complement it in a nice way.

Working on Multiple Rooms at Once

Do you think the home renovation will be stressful? If so, you can narrow the focus. A big mistake is trying to be too ambitious and working on multiple rooms at once.

Take all your ideas and condense them towards one room. You can budget around this room. You can shop around this room. All your home renovation is focused on making this room the absolute best it can be within your budget. Once it’s where it needs to be, move onto the next project.

When you buy a home, you are often left forcing your ideal home into this home you purchased. It’s a lot easier when the home you buy is as close to your dream home as possible.

Some renovations might always be necessary like changing up the paint, refacing cabinets or getting rid of that carpet you hated. Many others are avoidable when you choose the right home. We can help you find an amazing home on Amelia Island and give you advice and tips for how you can renovate it to your needs.

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