Going Green in Fernandina Beach

Going Green in Fernandina Beach

Any local or city leader in Fernandina Beach will tell you that the community is truly committed to sustainability. Many recent programs and initiatives have focused on non-vehicular modes of transportation, conservation, energy efficiency and green construction with new Fernandina Beach real estate and commercial buildings.

The concern regarding sustainability is driven by interest from local leaders in preserving depleted resources, protecting endangered or threatened native flora and fauna species, preserving clean water, and limiting climate change.

Fernandina Beach is a community that is truly committed to sustainability

Sustainability efforts pushed by local leaders

The local Fernandina Beach government and multiple downtown Fernandina Beach businesses have made it a point to commit their current and future efforts to sustainability. This has included the implementation of city-wide recycling programs for paper, bottles, cans, newspaper, waste oil, batteries, cardboard, tires, and e-waste. The curbside recycling program was improved by the city to allow for more items to be recycled, as well as the launch of pilot programs for recycling incentives.

The “Sustainable Fernandina” initiative is also ongoing – this involves a group of employees from each city department who meet on a monthly basis to discuss sustainability for the city’s operations. An “Amelia River to Sea” bike trail has been proposed with massive interest from both locals and community leaders. This trail would provide an east to west non-vehicle route on the island connecting some of the most popular parks and community event areas together, reducing traffic and greenhouse emissions.

Multiple protected areas to preserve local wildlife

With a quick tour through the Fernandina Beach community and Amelia Island, you’ll run across many protected areas that strictly prohibit littering and residential or commercial development. An extensive public greenway system called Egan’s Creek Greenway sits on over 300 acres in Fernandina Beach and was first opened in 2000. Grass covered trails are available for biking and hiking, as well as a boardwalk and kiosks for wildlife viewing and education. In addition, there is the expansive Fort Clinch State Park, Amelia Island State Park and numerous other protected habitats.

Local businesses are committed to the effort

Local businesses are also committed to the green effort; at minimum, they are more conscientious about recycling and minimizing their energy usage. One business that makes a serious effort is the Color It Green shop at 1008 Atlantic Avenue in downtown Fernandina Beach. This unique little store only sells recycled, repurposed or sustainable gifts, apparel, and products.

Many of their product manufacturers contribute a portion of their earnings to sustainability initiatives and green charities. Color it Green does this as well. You can purchase an intriguing range of high-quality gifts and souvenirs at the store – all guaranteed to be sustainable and made in the USA.

Green features with both new and historic real estate and buildings

Anyone looking to purchase Fernandina Beach real estate will find that many of the homes for sale in the community have been upgraded with newer energy efficient appliances, heating, cooling, and other upgrades in order to make the structure more efficient and lower emissions. Not only do these upgrades lower your utility bills, but these appliances typically last longer and operate with lower maintenance requirements than outdated and inefficient products.