Fernandina Beach Weather

Fernandina Beach Weather

Fernandina Beach is a historic community located on the northern end of Amelia Island that offers plentiful tourist sites and outdoor activities for all interests. The weather on Fernandina Beach is quite pleasant and mild to warm throughout the year with its subtropical climate, which has helped to make it one of the most visited tourist destinations in Northeast Florida and the perfect area for outdoor recreation in every season.

If you enjoy golfing, biking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing or boating, wildlife viewing and more, you’ll find that the weather of Fernandina Beach is more than suitable for these activities all year. The scenic and sprawling 1,400-acre Fort Clinch State Park located near Fernandina Beach is also a common location for many of these outdoor interests with its diverse geography, facilities, trails, and historic sites.

Fernandina beach weather is mild all year long with a strong ocean breeze

Summer on Amelia Island is pleasant and warm

As you might expect, the summer on Amelia Island and in Fernandina Beach is warm with abundant sunshine, making it one of the best and most popular seasons for tourists. The breezes from the ocean and frequent rainfall help to cool the hotter days, and the warm Atlantic waters are ideal for swimming. Some days can be quite humid and make exercising outdoors somewhat of a challenge, but as the sun sets it allows for a wider range of activities with the cooler temperatures.

Average midday high temperatures during the months of June, July and August are 90, 91, and 91 degrees Fahrenheit with average evening lows of 79, 79 and 80 respectively. Average surf temperatures are also 79, 79 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit during these months, making the water very pleasant to swim in. Precipitation averages at around 5.2 to 5.8 inches per month during the summer, meaning that there are more than a few days with moderate to heavy rain.

Rainfall and temperatures dip down in the fall

Both water and air temperatures dip down in the fall but remain very pleasant, although September is quite warm and often has weather similar to the summer months along with similar rain levels. During the fall, most outdoor sports and activities remain very popular such as hiking, biking, wilderness viewing, fishing, and boating. Many people go outdoors even more often during the fall due to the fact that the weather is less humid.

Nature hikes on Amelia Island are very nice during this time of the year and offer a great opportunity to view unique bird species in areas of the island like Egan’s Greenway and Fort Clinch State Park. Average midday temperatures in September hover around an average high of 87 degrees, with lows around 69 degrees Fahrenheit. Surf temperatures average around 77 degrees, which means that the water is still fairly warm and swimmable.

In October and November temperatures dip down to an average midday high of 83 and 74 degrees respectively, with surf temperatures dropping to an average of 74 and 72 degrees, which is still fairly warm and can be tolerated by most people. Precipitation also drops during the months of October and November down to an average of 4.6 and 2.1 inches, allowing for more activities like golfing and hiking.

Winters are also a great time to visit Amelia Island

Although the summers are certainly beautiful, there really isn’t a bad season to visit Amelia Island. During the winter temperatures are mild and much warmer than many other regions, allowing for a wide range of outdoor activities to continue on. Tourism levels drop down compared to the summer while many of the island’s best attractions remain much more accessible and open.

From December through February, average midday highs hover around 66-68 degrees. Winter water temperatures do drop below what most people would find comfortable, at an average of around 59-60 degrees, although you may catch a few days with warmer water temps. However, most outdoor activities other than swimming can be enjoyed in comfortable and mild winter weather. Rainfall stays at around 3 inches per month during the winter, which isn’t as high as the summer or fall.

Fernandina beach weather is mild all year long with a strong ocean breeze

Spring brings beautiful clear skies and warmer weather

Once spring arrives, water temperatures start to creep back up to a comfortable swimming temp. and the weather warms up pretty quickly. Average midday highs are around 82-86 degrees during the months of April and May while March is closer to 73. Water temperatures start to become pleasant in the months of April and May at around 72-74 degrees. The frequency of hiking and biking throughout Amelia Island’s numerous trails starts to pick up during the spring, and tourists will also see more people swimming in the ocean.

When you live in Fernandina Beach, you can enjoy the beautiful yearlong weather of Amelia Island and just about every thrilling outdoor activity and water sport that you can imagine in a unique pristine setting. Give us a call at (800)-741-4011 if you have any questions at all about outdoor activities on Amelia Island, the weather on Fernandina Beach or purchasing or renting real estate in the area during any season.