Tips for Retirees and Empty Nesters to Downsize

Downsizing Tips for Empty Nesters and Retirees

Did you know that the average age of empty nesters is just 48.9 years? It seems like it happens so quickly, but when the kids are finally out on their own, you might need to entertain considerations for downsizing your space. While you should certainly consider buying a home on Fernandina Beach, there are some steps you should consider taking before you make the flight to your new nest.

closet full of clothing

Reduce Your Clutter

Your house might be clean and well-organized, but everyone has clutter. You know, those boxes of old holiday decorations and children’s toys lingering in the attic, the unused workout equipment collecting dust in the basement, and the horde of old notebooks you have stashed in your desk drawer. Over time, they all add up, and getting rid of them can seem nightmarish.

Slowly start going through it, room by room, assessing what you don’t need. Go through all areas of your home that have stored items, including closets and cabinets. What can you afford to donate? Can you put a bunch of stuff together for a yard sale? What needs to be thrown out entirely? Make sure your ‘keep’ items (like photos and important documents) stay organized in albums and binders.

paint cans on the ground

Redecorate Your Space

You might not be ready yet to look at Fernandina Beach homes for sale, and that’s okay. Everything in due time. For right now, focus on redecorating your space. That couch your precious pup gnawed on? The tired yellow wallpaper circa 1995? The area rug with a bunch of stains left over from the kids running through the house with mud on their shoes?

Replace the worn and frayed décor that has seen its better days. Parting is such sweet sorrow, but you might feel rejuvenated just by giving your place a facelift. Rustic chic is huge right now, and adding a seaside twist can make you feel like you’re already at home on Fernandina Beach.

Also, try adding a few plants (pet-safe ones, for those with pets) to your abode. Hanging plant baskets are popular and can help you grow your garden if you don’t have the yard space outside.

blank notepad and watercolors

Create Your Hobby Room

If you’re skeptical as to whether you should downsize your home at retirement, consider turning one of the unused rooms your kids left behind as a hobby room. This is the perfect opportunity for crafters, artists, musicians, and collectors to finally dedicate some space to their craft.

Get those old books you’ve collected over time and turn a room into a library. If you are a painter, gather your supplies and designate an entire room for them. Condensing your hobby items into one room can free up space elsewhere in your home and help make things feel more organized. Who knows? Maybe you will even be able to turn your hobby into a business!

Hunt for a Smaller House

If you are ready to find a house, check out these home buying resources while you start searching for a smaller house. Your current home might be too big for you to manage, and that’s perfectly normal. There are lots of properties in and around Fernandina Beach to give you plenty of options.
Begin your search with a list of ‘must-have’ features and work with a realtor to find just the right place to call home. We would love to be part of your journey, as we’ve helped so many people just like you find their new paradise in Fernandina Beach. Our experience has taught us what empty nesters want in a home, so we’re able to make the transition as easy as possible. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you find your dream home!