Best Title Attorneys in Your Market

Best Title Attorneys in Fernandina

Who are the best title attorneys in your market? With a quick Google search, you might get a few names. But to really know who the most reliable attorney is, you have to do some research. Do they have a good reputation in the community? Are they able to handle complex title cases with quick turnarounds? Do they have an extensive network? Do they have enough resources, or is it a two-person team with too much work and not enough help?

Your internet search will probably tell you there are about 10 title attorneys on Amelia Island, many of them concentrated in Fernandina Beach. There are at least five attorneys in the Old Town district alone, with only about six blocks separating them. While not all are focused exclusively on title law – some may not even have the service listed in their practice areas – there are still many who can help in your real estate endeavors.

Below is a quick overview of some of the best title attorneys in Fernandina.

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Old Town Title Co.

Old Town Title can assist home buyers and sellers throughout the entire purchase or sale process. The website states that they help both buyers and sellers of Amelia Island real estate, reducing stress leading up to, during, and after closing. The team will account for all funds, schedule all settlement deadlines, review closing documents for accuracy and legality, ensure satisfaction of lender requirements, and record title insurance policies.

Clients obtain comprehensive assistance at all stages of title management. The team is especially known for their openness and transparency, offering you as many – or as few – details as you desire.

Wood and Smith P.A.

Wood and Smith is led by the two partners, Marshall Wood and Amanda Smith. The office was opened in 1985, but the two have decades of collective experience in law, including Smith’s five years with Rogers Towers, another local law firm. Smith joined the company in 2014 and has been a pivotal member, bringing her extensive knowledge in residential and commercial real estate and corporate formations.

According to the website, Wood and Smith focus on residential and commercial real estate, title searches and insurance, and corporate matters. The team has managed some complex cases, being particularly adept at handling larger property purchases through corporate investments. But the team has also been responsible for many residential purchases, incorporating will and trust preparation and probate into their client arrangements.

Nassau Title Company

This reputable Fernandina Beach provider focuses its attention on small-town title and development services. Its small scale, reasonable office hours, and personalized services help separate it from larger Northeast Florida title services.

The Nassau Title Company is located at 28 S. 10th St., Fernandina Beach, FL, 32034.

Law Offices of Robert Peters P.A.

While the Law Offices of Robert Peters P.A. have a distinct presence in Jacksonville, the Amelia Island branch is an equally important part of the local real estate in Fernandina Beach. The small team practices what is known as “quiet title” management. A quiet title is needed to receive title insurance with a basis in investment ownership. It helps secure the return on the investment. A quiet title provides the new owner legal and marketable title to the property.

The office also offers services for cases of bankruptcy and foreclosure. The team can play a vital role for you as you navigate island real estate.

Find the best Fernandina Beach real estate lawyer to handle your particular situation. We can help connect you with the right resources for your individual needs.