Learn How to Add Value: Great Rooms, Hallways, and Entryways

9 Ways to Add Value to Entryways, Hallways, and Great Rooms

When putting Fernandina Beach homes for sale, it is important to consider sprucing things up to add value. How can you add value to your home? Try giving your great room, hallways, and entryway a contemporary facelift!

Give a few of these methods a try before you open your home up for sale.


Brighten Up Your Front Door

Ditch the drab, outdated door you might have and opt for a front door done in a bright, beachy tone. Add some sidelights and an overhead transom to draw in even more Florida sunlight. This will evoke a sense of warmth that goes along with living the beach life, even during winter when everyone is busy with winter events.

Light It Up

While you’re at it, place a statement light fixture in a darker hallway or great room. Keep the light’s bottom at least 7 feet from the floor. This will help cast a luminescence over the room without running the risk of someone banging their head. Go big and bold!

Allow Natural Light In

Part of taking the smarter approach to selling your home involves bringing in natural light. Who doesn’t want the Florida sun warming their skin on a beautiful afternoon? Hire a professional to install compact tubular skylights instead of spending several thousand dollars on multiple large windows.

natural light kitchen

Scrap the Old Carpet

High-volume rooms create a lot of wear-and-tear on the carpet. Rip out your nasty old carpet and replace it with high-quality tile or hardwood. Pick from soft, sandy tones to lighten the room and make it feel more beachy. Add a durable runner to protect those surfaces from kids and pets.

Hang Some Art

Buyers who are checking out home-buying resources will know how important it is to find a home that is aesthetically pleasing. So why not draw their attention with some gorgeous artwork? Give those plain hallway walls a few stop-in-your-tracks stunning artworks. Not only will this make the home feel truly lived in and loved, but it also creates a sense of spaciousness. Combined with the proper overhead lighting, this simple measure can make a house feel like a home to potential buyers.

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Add Storage Space

Give your home some accentuation while keeping things organized by adding a few chic and contemporary end tables, chests of drawers, and consoles. Given the right amount of space, a small storage unit placed in an entryway or stairway landing can make your home feel cozy. Pitching a mirror into the mix can help light reflect off surfaces.

Accent Your Ceilings

You might not think of them as selling points, but a gloomy ceiling can detract from a home’s ambiance.  A few decorative elements and some paint or beaded plywood can be cost-effective ways of livening up a dark hallway or entryway. The right paint color can brilliantly offset any new statement lighting you might decide to add.

Hook Them

One of the most affordable ways to spruce up your home and add some value is by adding a row or two of wooden hooks to the entryway. This creates a more welcoming environment and will not be something a future buyer will have to add as an afterthought. Play it up with some rustic wood or go for some polished cedar – whatever fits and adds warmth to your entryway.

Add Some Plants

Adding a plant or two can evoke the natural beauty of an entryway or great room. Placing a plant in a vase that matches the theme you are going for draws the eye to a beautiful center point and reinforces the concept that yours is a home that is loved.

While there are a lot of things you can do on your own to boost your home’s value, you should work with a real estate professional in order to figure out how you can best go about spicing your house up to sell.