30 Online Resources to Help People Relocating to Your Area

30 Online Resources to Help People Relocating to Your Area

Whether people are buying a home or selling a home, they are looking for some help in the process. Thankfully, the web is filled with useful resources.

When dealing with Amelia Island real estate, it is wise for you to be familiar with these resources and what purpose they serve. Below are 30 insightful websites and tools people use when they are relocating to Amelia Island.

30 online resources for people relocating to your area || ERA Fernandina Beach Realty on Amelia Island

  1. Zillow: Zillow is the largest and most popular real estate website, with about 36 million users monthly.
  2. Trulia: Trulia tracks in second, with 23 million monthly visitors.
  3. Realtor.com: Realtor.com is a professional database and resource with about 18 million average monthly visitors.
  4. MLS: Some buyers may have access to the MLS, a powerful resource portal for realtors and listed properties.
  5. FernandinaBeachRealty.com: The website, under the ERA umbrella, has extensive knowledge of Amelia Island real estate.
  6. Facebook: Facebook has tools, page groups, and the overwhelming popularity to make it a highly effective resource for people who are social media butterflies.
  7. Twitter: By following hashtags and connecting with others, people have learned valuable information about their real estate market of interest on Twitter.
  8. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a useful social media platform where buyers can connect with agents at a professional level.
  9. Rent.com: The website is an intuitive resource for people seeking condos, vacation homes, and even potential rent investment properties.
  10. Homes.com: This resource lists rentals, sales, and even foreclosures all researched by zip code.
  11. Craigslist: Craigslist may still be a bit of a Wild West website, but it is still a massive force for home buyers sticking to a website they are comfortable with.
  12. HGTV: HGTV is a conglomerate of home buying entertainment. The website and television show is a dynamic resource for education, as it shapes buyer interests and trends.
  13. RedFin: This is a quickly growing web resource for people who want brokerage services.
  14. Neighborhood Scout: Neighborhood Scout is a concise platform for learning basic neighborhood statistics related to crime, average home sales, and other neighborhood trends over time.
  15. City-Data: City-Data offers a thorough breakdown of community trends, especially in areas of demographics and crime. It can be pinpointed to a specific marker on a street.
  16. FBFL.com: This is the local government website, tracking current law changes and community details.
  17. Forbes: Forbes is a leading business entity. The website’s reports on finance, trends, and real estate have become paramount for some potential business-involved buyers.
  18. Walk Score: Walk Score is a fun little website that ranks the area by how “walkable” it is. Is it possible to walk to the grocery store or nearby attractions? It is related to Bike Score, which assesses neighborhoods based on bike-friendliness.
  19. My Local Crime: This website has a map function where you can review the exact location of certain crimes, as reported from the local police department. You can review crime concentration and review potential patterns.
  20. FBI.gov: The FBI site, believe it or not, is a great resource for crime data and comparable reports.
  21. Greatschools.org: This site is a reputable source where users type in a zip code and review score ratings from teachers, parents, and students.
  22. Niche.com: Niche.com is a new website that collects data on schools. It is well-suited for comparable stats from neighborhood to neighborhood through all levels of school, from K to college.
  23. Yelp: Yelp is an extremely popular platform for reviewing attractions and the best things to do in the area.
  24. TripAdvisor: Like Yelp, TripAdvisor relies on public reviews to sort the best activities in the area. It helps give people a guide to what they can see and do in their community of choice.
  25. Fernandina Beach News-Leader: This local paper still has a substantial presence in the community. It is touted as Florida’s oldest weekly newspaper.
  26. Moving.com: Providing the option to search for local movers to help you move from point A to point B as efficiently as possible.
  27. Unpakt.com: The same idea as Moving.com with a nice easy to use interface, a choice of licensed moving companies, and cost savings.
  28. IAmMoving.com: This site helps take some the stress out of moving by notifying over 1,500 organizations about your new address in just a few steps.
  29. MoneyUnder30: This popular blog is an effective tool for buyers looking to purchase with the intent of investing.
  30. Inc.com: This investment, real estate, and financial web guide is a powerful resource for buyers who want to know more about these industries.

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