Apps to Help You Sell or Buy a Home

16 Apps to Help You Sell or Buy a Home

There is an app or online tool for just about everything. Home sellers and buyers have plenty of tools at their disposal to make sure they find that elegant dream home they always wanted, or sell that home for an agreeable price.

So, with all the many home buying and selling apps simply a quick search away, it can be challenging to determine what will work and what is a bust.

Fortunately, we went through the assortment of options to find the top best apps for buying a home, selling a home, and overall finding a home solution that fits your specific situation, along with some other online tools.

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ERA Fernandina Beach Realty:

ERA Fernandina Beach Realty is focused entirely on finding the most treasured properties in the local community of Amelia Island, with a frequently updated list of featured properties.

U.S Mortgage Calculator:

This app won’t allow you to list a home or buy a home, but it will definitely start the terms and know where you can go from here. Use this app before going to a bank to know where you stand in affording a mortgage and the rate you will likely get approved.

This app and website is a masterpiece of data collection. The main feature of the app is a calculator system, which projects mortgage rates, average home values by neighborhood, and more.


Redfin is an all-encompassing tool for finding a home. Perhaps the platform’s greatest claim to fame is the “book a tour” feature. Simply request a tour and receive an approved date and time texted right to you.

CO Everywhere:

It’s not just about buying a home, but also the area around it. CO Everywhere easily pulls up a wide range of data about any neighborhood to make house hunting easier.


Opendoor is an industry-leading powerhouse in home buying and selling. Right now, it stands as likely one of the most comprehensive apps to sell your house, undercutting the hassle and extra details that often sneak their way into the process.

Rocket Mortgage:

This app takes it to the next level. With Rocket Mortgage, you receive an accredited and official preapproval, pending some further details.


HomeSnap is a fascinating tool and rather different from other apps on the list. You take a picture of a property and input the address. The system will assess its beds, baths, lot boundaries, recommended schools, interior, tax records, and more to offer a comprehensive snapshot of the property. If you like what you see, you can call the next available realtor directly.


Dwellr’s focus on neighborhood data and census-matching reports makes it an invaluable tool for exploring desired schooling, changing neighborhood trends, and lifestyle interests.


Xome offers the next level of mobile home buying and selling. There are specific Xome agents who can walk you through the entire home purchase process, giving customers an opportunity to communicate through the platform with a qualified agent. is touted as the largest database of available homes anywhere, and it would be hard to disagree. Utilizing MLS reports, users can organize properties with extremely specific filters. Home sellers can get a lot of interest by streaming open house directions and video.


Doorstep is owned and powered by, so it utilizes the platform’s extensive virtual catalog of properties in a unique way. Users flip left or right to fine-tune what they want from a home.

360 Panorama:

360 Panorama is intriguing because it is less a home buying or selling app and more a content curating feature. By utilizing this app, you can get incredible panoramic views of your home. It’s a useful tool for adding that extra layer of interest.


Houzz is your ultimate virtual playground. It allows potential buyers to upgrade their house in all sorts of dramatic ways, using market trends and economic details to see the overall costs.


This app allows for some rather specific and mathematical virtual home remodeling. Photograph your space, input the metrics, and add real items you are interested in buying to layout a virtual version of the home.


AroundMe promises a very active experience. Users base their searches based on a current location. Visit, pull out your phone and receive lists of nearby attractions, businesses, schools, and more for an assessment of its neighborhood points of interest.

These are some of the best apps for finding a home that fits that idyllic dream. Use all the advantages and resources out there to make it happen.