Add Value to Bathrooms

10 Ways to Add Value to Bathrooms

Millions of homeowners speculate on ways to add value to their home, from the renovation of a new roof to the addition of bountiful and grand new landscaping.

It is also no secret that your bathroom is a treasure trove of potential value. You’ll want to prioritize this area in your home renovation.

Below are 10 ways to add value to the bathrooms of any Fernandina house for sale.

You can get more for rent, impress a potential buyer, or make the space more welcoming as you spend your seasons tucked away in Fernandina Beach.

Renovated bathroom in house for sale

1. Make the Room Look Bigger with Bright Lighting

What instantly adds value more than anything else? The answer likely has something to do with size and the spaciousness – even if it’s just the perception of more space.

Adding bright lighting will accentuate the bathroom’s size without breaking down a wall and extending it.

2. Remove Needless Cabinet Space

A big trend now is to remove needless cabinet space. Cabinets take up room. Removing them gives the bathroom a cool and collected openness that is highly welcomed.

3. An Old School Tub

Another popular new trend is to adopt a basin-styled tub if you happen to have space. This tub-style can add to a rustic and nostalgic charm that many homeowners are striving for in their remodeling efforts.

Ultimately, whether it is an old school basin tub or a new and contemporary styled-shower space, there is a big value to be had in improving this part of the bathroom.

4. Heated Floors

Some things scream value and uniqueness. An upgrade like heated flooring is a rarity. It is the kind of upgrade that you never knew you missed until you had it. People are going to just love the peculiar and high-end addition that can make your bathrooms much more relaxing when the weather dips down in temperature.

5. Utilize Vertical Space

There’s always a delicate balance between adding items of use and storage areas while keeping the bathroom spacious and open. If you can manage to add “secret” nooks and areas of potential storage without impacting the open spaces, you are on a productive track.

One way to achieve this is through vertical design. This could include the addition of a tall towel rack, a high-scaling mirror with storage, and other elongated furniture pieces. This will draw the eyes up, take advantage of tall spaces which often go underutilized, and create the illusion of verticality.

6. Curbless Shower Entry

A massive contemporary trend is the seamless integration of shower space and the main bathroom floor. A curbless shower entry is entrancing and adds dramatic value to the bathroom.

7. Custom, and Clear, Glass Shower Windows

Clear mirrors draw light throughout the space, attract the eye, and add a visual fervor that can’t be replicated otherwise. You can also open the bathroom up and consider transparent and full shower glass windows.

8. Two to three Well-Placed Furnishings

Want to add value on a smaller budget? Add just two to three aesthetically-similar furnishings, such as a few beach items, roses, or eccentric and fun family art. It instantly adds a little something special on a modicum of the budget you would expect.

9. A Shower Seat

Like many upgrades, it first seems unnecessary. But it is the kind of value addition that will connect with many people who had the feature in a previous home or potential buyers who need a seat. Further, it’s a very cost-effective and manageable upgrade and can be built right into the shower.

10. Add a New Paint Finish

Add a sleek new paint finish to the bathroom to complement the lighting you already have and accentuate the colors already present. It is another budget-friendly renovation to get you where you need to go.

These renovation tips can help you get the most out of your current Fernandina Beach vacation rental when it comes to rates or your final value when you sell the home.

We can help you search for one potential home investment or another in a safe, vibrant, and prosperous part of the state.