Homeowners Associations are organizations usually created to specifically develop, secure, and generally care for a specific neighborhood.

What is HOA and Why Is It Important?

HOA stands for Home Owners Association. For some, having an HOA is a deal breaker. For others, they wouldn’t want it any other way. An HOA adds an interesting addition to many home purchases and introduces some things that could […]
Amelia Island Charities || Amelia Island || Fernandina Beach Realty

5 Charities That Keep Amelia Island Beautiful

Amelia Island is an incredibly community-focused vacation destination. If you spend time on the island, you’ll quickly become part of its DNA. There are a number of local charities that work in conservation and social services, contributing to the island’s […]
Title Attorneys in Fernandina || Fernandina Beach || Fernandina Beach Realty

Best Title Attorneys in Fernandina

Who are the best title attorneys in your market? With a quick Google search, you might get a few names. But to really know who the most reliable attorney is, you have to do some research. Do they have a […]
Can't miss buyer's guide to home inspections || Fernandina Beach Amelia Island || Fernandina Beach Realty

Buyer’s Guide to Home Inspections

A home inspection is not required in many home purchase agreements, but it is truly essential. You have to know what you are buying, inside and out, and only a high-quality home inspection can help you determine the details. Aside […]
Check out these top ways to boost your home’s selling value || Fernandina Beach || Fernandina Beach Realty

Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Selling Value

So you want to learn all the ways to boost your home’s selling value. Your home can be the key to an even better future. Get the most out of it through renovations, adjustments, and some quick and helpful strategies […]
10 Tips for Getting the Most out of Selling Your Home || Fernandina Beach Realty || Homes for Sale

10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Selling Your Home

Home selling can be a challenge in any market. No matter what is happening with the market, which neighborhood you are in, and what type of home you own, there are often unforeseen challenges throughout the process. Pull out your […]
10 Best Burgers Fernandina || Fernandina Beach Realty || Homes for Sale

9 Best Burgers in Your Town

Nothing beats a great, satisfying burger on vacation, and Amelia Island is packed with options for an island of its size. We have compiled an exhaustive list of the 10 best burgers in your town. While most are in and […]
Qualifying for a Loan - What do I Need to Qualify? What if I have Bad Credit?

What Do I Need to Qualify for a Home Loan?

As you plan to buy a new house, you likely have several questions about the mortgage qualification process. Getting this major step out of the way up front will speed up the process significantly and ensure that you can relax […]
When Should I Refinance?

When Should I Refinance?

Refinancing your home involves paying off your current mortgage and replacing it with a new one that has more favorable terms. This can be a good idea if your current loan’s payments are too high, if it’s too risky or […]

20 Best Apps for People Preparing to Sell their Home, Searching for a Place to Live, or a Rental

There is an app or online tool for just about everything. Home sellers and buyers have plenty of tools at their disposal to make sure they find that elegant dream home they always wanted, or sell that home for an […]