Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island List of Private and Public Schools

Ultimate List of Private and Public Schools in Nassau County, Florida

If you’re a parent who is considering buying a home in Nassau County, naturally, you want to know which schools are the best for your children. You can save yourself extra time and avoid scouring the Internet for answers by checking out these three private and public schools located right in Nassau County. They stand out for their students’ academic prowess, sports, and opportunities offered to students and their families. Best of all, they’re conveniently located near any of our properties, so you never have to worry about driving across town to get to school.

Amelia Island Montessori School

While scouring the Fernandina Beach home listings, check out Amelia Island Montessori School (AIMS). AIMS is an independently run Montessori school located in beautiful Fernandina Beach and offers a private school education system derived right from Maria Montessori’s own philosophy.

amelia island montessori school

This school has been functional since 1973 and is immersed in the woods, although it takes hardly any time at all to walk from campus down to the Atlantic Ocean. AIMS is the only school in the county to be accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS) as well as the Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS). Students range in age from just 18 months to 14 years.

Students at AIMS love learning, not just because they have to, but because they want to! They are also taught practical skills that they can use out in the real world, not simply data from textbooks. Curriculum fits the needs of each unique student, and class sizes are small. The faculty who lead these classes are compassionate and intelligent, and they’re able to encourage students to think for themselves.

The Ogburn School

While researching home buying resources, also look up The Ogburn School. Situated in Fernandina Beach, The Ogburn School is an alternative school that is nonsectarian. It hosts students in grades 2 through 12. These students get to experience smaller class sizes than they otherwise would in public schools, and this is reflected in how well they do on their ACTs, SATs, in college, and in the workforce.

Alumni of The Ogden School have fond memories of this place, and they love that it allowed them to go at their own pace with online learning tools. Students can complete their education in a shorter time than it would take within a traditional school, so this is the perfect environment for those who are self-motivated. Kids who want to complete high school in three years and get into college or the workplace early can do so here.

Fernandina Beach High School

A little slice of Amelia Island history: Amelia Island’s education system has come a long way since the old Amelia Schoolhouse was built in 1886. It now serves as an inn and looks much as it used to when students came to it every day.

Nowadays, the much larger Fernandina Beach High School is home to over 900 students and 46 full-time faculty. Kids here tend to score above the state average in math, geometry, English, and (perhaps not too surprisingly) U.S. history. In addition to being smart, these students get prepared for college and the workforce. 

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The Florida Department of Education has even awarded FBHS a whopping 639 points in its recent grading of the school, which is the highest grade received by a school located in Nassau County. These students are incredibly bright and driven and clearly benefit from having educators who are the same way.

Spend some time talking with other parents and tour each potential school so you and your child can figure out which school will best suit their needs. That could help you determine just where you want to purchase your new home in Nassau County.

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