Best Beaches Near Fernandina

Best Beaches on Amelia Island

Amelia Island is 13 miles of rustic cottage homes, incredible vistas, and astonishing Atlantic Ocean views. You will likely fall in love with Amelia Island as so many others have.

And when you do, it most likely will be a result of visiting the amazing incredible Amelia Island beaches. Below is your instructional Amelia Island beach guide so you can discover all the magical little spots that rest along its coast.

Sunset over Fernandina Beach

The Beaches of Amelia Island

If you are staying on the island, you want to know the best beaches on Amelia Island. Thankfully, you have quite a few places to traverse the sands without straying too far from your vacation rental.

The best beaches are found right up against the Atlantic and along the coastal drive of Route A1A. In total, there are 40 different beach access points along the miles of coastline, providing plenty of opportunities to hit the sands no matter where your vacation rental is at.

Main Beach Park

Main Beach Park on the north end of the island at 32 N Fletcher Ave is the place to be for Amelia island beachgoers.

It houses picnic tables, high-quality and clean amenities including a shower room, and very accessible parking. There are play areas for the kids which feature slides, wall games and climbing towers, as well as play areas for the whole family.

These include volleyball courts and open fields for imagining any game you can under the Florida sun. This scenic beach park is also located within walking distance of Fort Clinch State Park.

Fort Clinch State Park Beaches

The Fort Clinch State Park features extensive walking trails and sprawling sand dunes and beaches, offering unrivaled privacy and fascinating wilderness exploration opportunities. It is home to historic Fort Clinch which you can enter from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

It receives almost tens of thousands of annual visitors and is a thrilling place to be for wildlife viewing and mid-skilled hiking, beachgoing and trailing along the ocean.

Seaside Park

Just south of Main Beach Park is Seaside Park. This is a quieter alternative to Main Beach, with some smaller-scaled amenities. These include a pavilion, picnic area, and an easygoing boardwalk path.

You also have three main beach access points within a mile of Seaside Park. Check them out to get away from the main crowds of Seaside Park and Main Beach.

Peters Point

Peters Point is tucked away toward the center of the island. If you spent your entire beach vacation time at the more popular beach parks, you will almost certainly miss the rustic beauty and quiet relaxation of this sandy point.

You don’t get a lot of high-end amenities at all. What you do get, in fact, could be worth the extra drive south. It’s a quiet and reflective beach space, popular for fishing.

Amelia Island State Park

If you head to the very far southern edge of Amelia Island, you will land upon Amelia Island State Park and its hidden beaches. It is about a 20-minute drive south of downtown Fernandina Beach. It’s quiet, hidden away, and undoubtedly one of the island’s most secretive little nooks for secluded beachside relaxation.

Above is only a brief beach guide of Amelia Island. But you can’t capture the wonder of this coastal town without seeing it for yourself. There are many family activities you can indulge in, while sitting on the beach, checking out the attractions, or exploring the streets of Fernandina Beach

The best beaches of Nassau County for your Florida vacation experience are all along Amelia Island. You are sure to see some amazing sands no matter where you go.

Stick to the coast, smell the beautiful air, feel the breeze, and enjoy every minute of your vacation by the water. Browse our featured properties for sale in Fernandina Beach.