Museums on Amelia Island

3 Amazing Old Museums You Must Visit on Amelia Island

On Amelia Island, you can find the delightful and classic historic village of Fernandina Beach. It’s filled with neat cultural shops, great coffee, and boutique stores for eager visitors.

But it is also home to some of the oldest and coolest museums anywhere. If you want to flashback in time, even if just for a bit, and see some history, you have to see these top museums of Nassau County. We hand-picked three of our favorite museums near Fernandina Beach and some museums right in the historic district.

fernandina beach pinball museum

Fernandina Beach Pinball Museum

We start with what is unquestionably the most immediately fun- the Fernandina Beach Pinball Museum!

Take your pinball history all the way back to the 1930s. The machines cover every piece of this captivating corner of game-playing history. See the technology change and adapt without losing the basic heart and soul of the game. While the mechanics are unchanged- use your paddles to hit a ball- the game has grown considerably more layered. Different themed pinball machines let you experience the game in a unique light. Pinball machines utilize light, sound, art, and even science.

Admission is $14 per person. Children under 12 are $12. This admission gives you unlimited play of all the available pinball machines. You will see machines that are extremely rare. You can even win cash, goodies, and just the prize of being a winner!

The pinball museum is located at 2106 Sadler Rd.

outside view of the amelia island museum of history

Amelia Island Museum of History

See the exciting history of Amelia Island unfold as you navigate the rooms of the always-fascinating Amelia Island Museum of History. What makes this museum so classic and original is that it manages to cover many small pieces of many different things. With photograph and artifacts, manuscripts and notebooks, this museum capture the often bizarre history of the island.

The museum is a community staple. It consists of about eight different permanent exhibits. These include the Jail Cell, a recreated jail cell where you can learn about the life of an inmate in the 1800’s, as well as the Civil War & The Florida Railroad, an exhibit surfacing the rich history of the railroad at the dawn of the war.

There’s also an exhibit on the Spanish Mission Of La Florida, Historic Preservation, the Timucuan Village, and more.

They all sincerely and honestly uncover various layers of the island’s history. If you plan on looking at the Amelia Island homes for sale and finding a permanent home here, this museum adds valuable context and insight into what has shaped the community. It’s really a time capsule of the island.

emerald on display at the maritime museum in amelia island

The Maritime Museum of Amelia Island

The Maritime Museum is an unabashed novelty if we have ever seen one. It is one of the oldest museums in Fernandina Beach, and certainly the most peculiar.

The museum is a huge loop, taking you through the maritime history of the island. Once you walk inside, you are greeted by a low-key environment, with trinkets and tools lining the wall. You head through the museum, eyeing artifacts and oddities on your left and right, including a glass panel of discovered “treasure.” The highlight is coming up shortly- a huge old-school diving outfit, complete with the massive metal helmet.

One of the newest additions is various debris and treasure recovered from the recent hurricanes in Florida.

The museum includes navy photographs, equipment used for diving, items taken from excursions, and recovered tools and coins. It is a culmination of the island’s military and naval history, its diving-gear inventors, its pirates, and anything else related to the deep exploration of the nearby waters.

Florida has so many fun things to do. You can find all sorts of peculiar and fascinating museums near Amelia Island as well. Just dip on south to Jacksonville for a day trip to the zoo, the Jacksonville Museum of Art, or the Cummer Museum. And if you feel like you can make a home right on the island, review our Fernandina Beach Realty featured properties. Find the top featured areas of Nassau County and settle on your next (and greatest) home.