3 Unique Art Galleries on Amelia Island

3 Unique Art Galleries on Amelia Island

Are you looking for an artistic, vibrant and scenic barrier island to spend your vacation at? If so, then Amelia Island would be a top choice.

From checking out the beaches to participating in festivals, to an extensive range of art galleries in Fernandina Beach, there are lots of things to do and places to visit on the island. And those who are considering relocating will find a variety of extraordinary Amelia Island real estate options to consider.

Fernandina Beach art galleries

Amelia Island Art Galleries

Your visit will not be complete if you miss out on the art galleries on the island. Residents and travelers get artistic perks just by living in Fernandina Beach or anywhere else on the island, including being closely located to galleries, invitations to art shows, and other community-oriented art events.

Amelia San Jon Gallery

Both a studio for working artists and an art gallery for those who love to see different works of art, this is one special spot. You will find many works of art at the Amelia San Jon Gallery that feature nature or animals as the subject.

Visitors may even visit while the owner is actively painting, watching her bring her creative visions to life. The gallery also serves as a learning center for birds, alligators and sea turtles, so it’s a perfect place to visit with the family or with a group for an educational experience.

Blue Door Artists

This place is ideal for those who want to see artists at work in a contemporary art style. Most of the works featured in the gallery are combined art and crafts such as fashion accessories, jewelry, and home decor. You can also meet and mingle with artists and maybe learn a thing or two about artistic techniques.

This artist group is very welcoming and willing to chat about their work and the techniques applied towards each piece. The modern environment showcases other newer forms of art, such as photography and videography. The gallery has become one of the most talked about places in Amelia Island, acting as a lovely contrast to many of the more traditional galleries in Fernandina Beach.

Island Art Association

If you love philanthropy and art, then visiting the Island Art Association would be a rewarding experience. It is much more than just an art gallery; it acts as a non-profit organization established to help aspiring artists develop their skills and promote artworks made on the island.

The gallery currently displays the works of close to fifty artists at any given time. You can also attend a workshop or two at their Educational Center. Spending time here can, perhaps, make a better artist out of you.

Explore Amelia Island real estate afterward

After checking out these galleries, visitors can explore the local Amelia Island real estate to get a feel for the area and the vibrant local community. Along with breath-taking beaches and ocean scenery, you can enjoy a culture that energizes you.

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