10 Best Burgers in Town

9 Best Burgers in Your Town

Nothing beats a great, satisfying burger on vacation, and Amelia Island is packed with options for an island of its size.

We have compiled an exhaustive list of the 10 best burgers in your town. While most are in and around the nearby Fernandina Beach, you can find some pretty savory burgers hidden all throughout Amelia Island.

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1. The Loop Pizza Grill

This popular North Florida pizza chain is known for their double-whammy of delectable pizzas and juicy burgers. The Loop embodies that new casual dining synergy: fresh toppings, handcrafted ingredients, and a low key atmosphere. You can find the Amelia Island location right next to the local Public grocery store.

2. Amelia Tavern

Right in the heart of downtown, you will find this classic and inspiring tavern. Amelia Tavern embraces that spirited Old Florida lifestyle. Real brick is exposed along the bar. The beer is delivered in pints. Art decorates the walls, giving the space a cozy cottage feeling. Above all, the burgers can be matched with truffle fries, pretzel bites, and happy hour beers.

3. Bright Mornings Bistro

Bright Mornings is a cool and quaint eatery open for breakfast and lunch. It has a nice pink exterior and cozy dining space that is about as cute as it gets. You can come by before 2 p.m. for a burger in this stripped-down and simple island stop.

4. 29 South

29 South is a special little spot. The bistro takes the “fresh ingredients” feature to another level. Some of the ingredients are actually pulled from the location’s garden, right outside. 29 South is a local favorite for Southern delights, and the burgers only scratch the surface of the menu.

5. Doo Wop’s 50’s Diner

Some people may argue that burgers were at their best in the 1950s. This classic-décor diner embraces the spirited 50’s in full aplomb. Bright red chairs, Buddy Holly jams, a clear-white bar top, and more build right up to the main event: one of the biggest burgers in town, right on the plate.

6. Tasty’s Fresh Burgers

Unlike some of the other restaurants on this list, Tasty’s revolves the entire menu and the big, bold, and beautiful cheeseburger. Carolina style, turkey burgers, Chili burgers, the Crown Royal, and so much more grace the Tasty’s menu.

Tasty’s designs their burgers around various themes and types so every visitor can find something to love. They are all available as a ¼ lb. or ½ lb.
If you could only go to one, this should probably be the place.

7. T-Ray’s Burger Station

T-Rays began as just a conventional gas station. But over the years, the family offered some tasty lunches to morning and afternoon visitors, and the gas station slowly evolved into a full-on restaurant.

T-Rays Burger Station has fun and junky décor, and easily one of the best burger joints of Nassau County. Visitors can order the daily special burger, which rotates out hush puppies, fried fish, chicken, and more alongside some of the biggest burgers in town. T-Ray’s is famous for its burgers in an old-styled vintage garage space.

8. Brett’s Waterway Café

Brett’s Waterway Café gives you an attractive combination. Grab a burger while overlooking the water. This southern-style restaurant features a curved window with the Amelia River in view. Happy hour drinks, a cozy décor, and Brett’s burgers can act as a great introduction to Amelia Island.

9. The Sandbar and Kitchen

The Sandbar is one of the most alluring and romantic locations in all of Nassau County. You will find the spot on the Atlantic side of the island right on the water. The calm winds will wave over you as you indulge in some delicious fish diners in a spacious two-story dining room. Of course, be sure to get a bite out of the thick and classic burger.

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